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Ashville Surpass 5,000 Followers On Twitter!

Social Media has rapidly become one of the most powerful weapons in a clubs commercial arsenal so it is with great pleasure that we announce we have hit the fantastic milestone of 5,000 Twitter followers! It may not seem like a big number compared to the mega clubs of the Premier League and the worlds elite clubs but for a non-league club in step 6, we couldn't be happier with this number.

"When i come into the club last season, we had a smidge over 4,000 followers" Media Officer, John Parker, recalls after taking over the post in June 2022. "It's kind of surreal to see that we have gained over a thousand followers in the space of 12 months, it's a huge gain". John goes on to say that it's not always easy in the current landscape "When i first started football media a little under a decade ago, everything was so archaic compared to what we have now. Keeping up with an ever changing landscape can be challenging but seeing the rewards of our strategies makes it all worthwhile". John was adamant that the hard work doesn't stop now though. "It's important that we evolve our strategy to keep on growing and i have to give massive thanks to the board for being fully supportive in my efforts and for backing me with the resources to continue to make engaging content that keeps the fan base entertained and informed. After review i have seen that there is room for improvement this season and i have a ton of new, exciting ideas to bring to the table which have been fully backed by all at the club". Finally, John says that without the support of the fans these accomplishments wouldn't be possible, "This club has a superb fan base, the support is absolutely unreal. They've welcomed me with open arms and i've definitely made friends for life at Ashville. I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone for helping us reach these heights and i'm sure you'll all be backing us to the next milestone. Up The Villa!".

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